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     Services offered to hospitals include;

        Anesthesia Record Reviews

        Medication Administration Record (MAR) Audits

        Floor Station Reviews

        Controlled Substance Audits

        Diversion Analysis

        Policy and Procedure Reviews

        Annual Contracts

            - Conduct an Initial Consultation to identify violations of Federal and State Controlled Substances Acts and accountability

              procedures that allow potential acts of controlled substance diversion.

            - Review all controlled substances records for the previous two years.

            - Provide an Initial Consultation Report detailing the results of the Initial Consultation.

            - Provide recommendations to correct each federal and state violation reported in the Initial Consultation Report.

            - Provide recommendations to correct the accountability procedures identified in the Initial Consultation Report that allow acts

              of controlled substance diversion.

            - Prepare regulatory forms specific to your facility to ensure continued compliance.

            - Conduct a Controlled Substances Review of your facility in accordance with DEA standards during the contract period.

            - Provide a Controlled Substances Review Report upon completion of the Controlled Substances Review.

            - Advise your facility of all changes to federal and state regulations to ensure compliance with updated regulations.

            - Advise your facility of federal and state regulatory deadlines.

            - Provide a 1-800 number access code that allows you to speak with a PRI Consultant during regular business hours.  Calls

              received after regular business hours are returned on the next business day.







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