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Verification of Supplier's DEA Registration

Contact your pharmaceutical supplier, whether it is a large pharmaceutical company or your local hometown pharmacy, and verify that your DEA Registration that they have on file is current and the information is accurate.  It may be a good idea to mail or fax your supplier a copy of your current DEA Registration.

While you are verifying that your supplier has the correct information on file for your facility, you should also verify that you have your supplier's correct DEA Registration information.  This information is required on documentation for all controlled substance’s invoices that you receive from your supplier.  This information is only required if you maintain stock of controlled substances in your facility.  If you are only writing prescriptions, then it is not necessary for you to check and verify your supplier's DEA Registration.

Keep in mind that if your facility orders controlled substances from your supplier, you are required to keep accurate records of all transactions.  You must separate all records by DEA Registration Numbers.  For this reason, it is important to keep your supplier updated on all changes in physician personnel and DEA Registration Numbers.



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