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   Retail Pharmacies

     Services offered to retail pharmacies include;


        Controlled Substance Audits include:

            - An on-site inspection of all controlled substances records in accordance with DEA Standards.

            - An Initial Consultation Report for each pharmacy detailing specific violations of Federal and State Controlled Substances

                Acts which have occurred within the past two (2) years.

            - Recommendations for correcting each federal and state violation reported in the Initial Consultation Report.

            - An Executive Summary to Corporate Headquarters upon completion of inspections.

            - Standardized regulatory forms to facilitate compliance.

            - Regulatory Notebooks and File Folders to organize all regulatory documents more efficiently.

            - Notification of all changes to federal and state regulations to ensure compliance with updated regulations.

            - Notification of federal and state regulatory deadlines.

            - A 1-800 number that allows each pharmacy to speak with their PRI Consultant during regular business hours. After regular

                business hours, all client calls are returned within 24 hours on the next business day.


        Diversion Analysis




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