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Annual Contract
  • Conduct an Initial Consultation to identify violations of Federal and State Controlled Substances Acts and accountability procedures that allow potential acts of controlled substance diversion.
  • Review all controlled substances records for the previous two years.
  • Provide an Initial Consultation Report detailing the results of the Initial Consultation.
  • Provide recommendations to correct each federal and state violation reported in the Initial Consultation Report.
  • Provide recommendations to correct the accountability procedures identified in the Initial Consultation Report that allow acts of controlled substance diversion.
  • Prepare regulatory forms specific to your facility to ensure continued compliance.
  • Conduct a Controlled Substances Review of your facility in accordance with DEA standards during the contract period.
  • Provide a Controlled Substances Review Report upon completion of the Controlled Substances Review.
  • Advise your facility of all changes to federal and state regulations to ensure compliance with updated regulations.
  • Advise your facility of federal and state regulatory deadlines.
  • Provide a 1-800 number access code that allows you to speak with a PRI Consultant during regular business hours.  After regular business hours, all client calls will be returned within 24 hours on the next business day.
Long Term Service Agreements allow PRI to create focused, long term solutions for the client.  We offer a broad range of service agreements.  The offering includes several core components designed to address your business success factors such as improved compliance, reduced controlled substances diversion, increased security, increased accountability, etc.  The core elements include on-site reviews, violation identification and/or correction, and policy implementation.  We will work to structure a service agreement that meets your operating goals.  Service agreements will be structured around providing compliance and diversion prevention solutions, ranging from basic services to performance contracting.
Corporate Service Plans are designed to meet the strategic goals of corporate management.  Efforts are focused on identifying the root causes of corporate loss through diversion and implementing measures to prevent further loss.  We work with corporate compliance liaisons to integrate the controlled substances policies of PRI into the established compliance standards of the corporation.  Our focus is to provide the client with standardized methods of establishing and maintaining compliance within all of its facilities. Random inspections are conducted to assess individual store compliance and audits are completed to provide management with immediate feedback on potential diversion areas.  We assess the effectiveness of current security measures and inventory tracking methods.  Other services include advising management during periods of transition such as new store setups or acquisitions.  We are also able to provide expert witness testimony.
We are also available for client-desired services at an Hourly Rate.

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